Ridgewood Winery Early Closing Policy

Special Events

During certain events (including but not limited to: the Murder Mystery events and the Christmas Carol Trolley shows),the winery will need to close to the general public 1 hour prior to the beginning of these events to accommodate the incoming ticket holders for these shows.

Private Functions

Private functions, when possible, will either be posted on this web site, Facebook, or by signage placed by the main sign and driveway entrance stating there is a "Private" or "Closed to the Public" event taking place.

Additional Closing Info

We apologize for inconveniences that may be caused by the early closing, but it is necessary for show participants and ticket holding guests. If you need updated information about winery openings or early closings, please give us a call so a staff member may help you:

Phone Numbers

Events: 484-509-0200
Winery: 484-509-0100
Toll Free: 866-554-7570


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