Ridgewood Winery Tasting Policy

Large Groups

For groups of 6 or more, reservations for wine tastings are requested ahead of your visit.

Standard Tasting

There is a $5 fee per tasting that includes acomplimentary tasing glass and the a choice of 8wines from the current list of available wines (excluding specialty wines andfortified wines).


Specialty wines will be an additional fee of $1 or $2 depending on style,type, and availability.

In Season

Slushy varieties may be substituted for wine choices.

Courtesy Samples

Ridgewood Winery will allow a courtesy tasting at no fee for individuals thatonly wish to sample no more than 2 wines. Over2 wines will be considered as a standard tastingand the normal $5 fee will be assessed.

Added Tasting Fees

For specialty and fortified wines, Ridgewood Winery charges an added fee of$2 for each additional pour.

I.D. Requirement

Ridgewood Winery requires I.D. at the bartenders discretion AND it isPennsylvania law requiring all persons that appear to be under 30 years of age to provideapproved methods of identification - Photo Driver's License, Military I.D. Card, Passport,or Travel Visa (these are the ONLY excepted forms of I.D. in Pennsylvania).

Any staff member may ask for approved I.D. at any time while patrons are within thelicensed boundaries at Ridgewood Winery.

Intoxication Policy

Ridgewood Winery reserves the legal licensed right to refuse or halt the consumptionof any and all alcohol whether purchased from us or legally brought on site. Individuals thatappear intoxicated upon arrival will not be served. Onsite customers that may appear to beintoxicated will not be served additional alcohol and may be required to provide alternatetransportation from the establishment. If intoxicated individuals are unable to provide alternatelegal transportation, Ridgewood Winery may, on the cCustomer's behalf,locate transportation for them at the full expense of the customer for their safety.


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